Canadiana Antique Furniture



Ron and Betty have been avid antique collectors for 35 years. During that time they have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience.

Ron began to focus on the construction and dating of antique furniture while developing a love for original paint, classic lines and the unique qualities each piece will have.

Ron also developed a keen eye for recognizing the authenticity in a piece or lack thereof and has been able to avoid the many put together pieces of furniture that seem to be out there today.

The integrity of the piece of furniture as an antique is of primary importance to this website and any repairs or restoration will be disclosed.

It is our intention to bring to you the best quality and most unique pieces we can find plus a good selection of the familiar classics we all know and love.


Removing overpaint:

Saving the original paint can be a long and arduous undertaking but a rewarding one as well. Furniture in pine was almost always painted at the time it was made. The paint might have been one solid colour like red, or there may have been a wood grain effect or other designs.

Repair and restoration:

Saving as much of the original wood and/or original finish as possible is the goal when making repairs.

Stripping a piece:

Some woods weren’t meant to be painted such as mahogany, walnut, cherry, bird’s eye and tiger maple to name a few. It is possible to remove the paint and still retain much of the original finish and/or patina.

Consulting service:

Many times I have been to auctions and passed on a piece of furniture because it was a married piece or one that had repairs, alterations or replacements to important parts of the piece. Later a few collectors or dealers would fall over themselves bidding against one another for ownership of the piece.

I once witnessed a one drawer lamp table with solid bird's eye maple top and drawer front sell for more than $3000. A previous owner had nailed through the top to the base to secure it and to cover this up installed bird's eye maple plugs. It was very well done but obviously not the way it was done originally and not the way it should have been done. That's alot of money to spend on a table that has nails through the top of it.

If you have a great collection of Canadiana antique furniture and you are not sure of the integrity of the pieces, you may need some help. If you want to be in the above category you may need some help. Professionals who may need help are auctioneers, dealers, executors to estates, estate lawyers, small museums and anyone else that has a connection to quality antique furniture.

I will provide the equivalent of a report card on the piece of your choosing that will grade the piece relative to it's integrity as an antique.

Publish It 

Many antique lovers may have a piece of Canadiana furniture that they believe is good enough to go in a book on antique furniture.  For more information on this visit our publish it page.