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Pennsylvania Dutch museum quality baby cradle in original crackled paint. This circa 1840 mennonite piece, 41" long, is in impeccable untouched original condition with normal wear as you would expect. A very fine Mennonite masterpiece. Price inquire.
This website is in the process of adding a new line to include antique boats, motors and accessories. You will see a 1959 Larson Playboy, like the one pictured, brought back to life. You will also see before pictures of antique wooden boats and progressive restoration pictures as we bring them back to life. You will also see outboard motors such as the magnificent 1956 Johnson Javelin 30 hp, as well as 1957 evinrude big twins and many more of the period. Come back often for a trip back in time. For boat and motor related items go to furniture category under tables, boxes, others.
The Royal Ontario Museum has an almost identical table except for the legs and feet in their Canadiana department that is signed by Quebec City cabinetmaker I. Myrand. See page 68 of The Book of Canadian Antiques by Donald Blake Webster. This table probably came from the same shop. Having two drawers and two false drawers opposite facilitates a center of the room placing. Circa 1857. Price: inquire.
A Quebec armoire with tremendous aesthetic appeal. Recessed panels and pegged and planed construction puts it into the late 18th or early 19th century. Behind the added cutout base are the original repaired feet. Provenance available. Price $3800.00.
An early 19th century guilded picture frame for your period oil painting. Inside measurements are height - 24"+ and width 29"+. Price SOLD.
A well designed and extremely appealing chest of drawers from Quebec. 6 drawers and a swing mirror make this piece a wonderful addition to your bedroom. See Michel Lessard's Antique Furniture of Quebec page 274 for an identical one except for the wood chosen. Price $950.00
This is a 1958 7 1/2 h.p. Johnson Sea Horse in grea original as found condition except for a tuneup and servicing.
These old pressure gas tanks for outboard motors from the 50's are in great working condition with new o rings in the connector and gaskets where needed.
Repairing and refinishing 1950's wooden boat and restoring that wonderful 1956 Johnson Javelin as well as the 1950's Tee-Nee trailer. Stay tuned.
A wonderful plantation desk circa 1840 with hand cut dovetails and hand planing. There are adjustable shelves for books and keys are available. Price $1050.00.
One of a kind Quebec arts and craft washstand with two of Canada's iconic symbols carved on the pegged door supported by rattail hinges. Price $550.00
Rare cherry jam cupboard with two drawers and two doors plus a backboard circa 1850. Some repairs and restorations. Price $600.00
Walnut Victorian 6 drawer chest with swing mirror in superb condition circa 1870. Price 495.00
Dovetailed sides and back on this extensive gallery adds mystique to this wonderful open washstand. Two hand made drawers with porcelain knobs and an added lower shelf complete a very versatile addition to your home. Price $525.00.
Old, old, old. See below.
Exceptional tavern table, circa 1780, with a top scrubbed leaving some original paint that is intact on the base except for normal wear and tear. The 'H' stretcher suggests a very early date. The pegged joints and central stretcher dovetailed into the sides confirms an 18th century origin for this classic. Price $1450.00.
A Quebec buffet with the maker or previous owner written in chalk on the inside door as 'Denis Berard'. Spectacular doors extend the full width of the front of the piece as does the single drawer front having a double reverse ogee flanked by flat columns. Price $750.00
A large primitive flat-to-wall cupboard is attractively graceful in its construction. This one piece beauty is put together with thick boards of elm, pegged doors and square headed nails. Multiple shelving inside makes this a great storage unit as well. Price $2200.00.
This is a well made arts and crafts blanket box that is probably French Canadian and Quebec with its diamond shaped motifs and generous application of hardware. Price $295.00.
This is an early drop leaf pegged table circa 1830 with 4 gunstock chairs in great condition for only $450.00
A wonderful 2 over 3 drawer chest made of butternut and circa 1870. Price SOLD.
This is a set of 5 chairs in original paint and once in the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum as the museum's inventory numbers are written in pen and ink under the seat. Attributed to Mr. Dunn from Scugog Island you can see an identical one in Pain's book page 150 plate 380. Price $250.00 for the set.
A 2 over 2 drawer chest in original painted decoration from eastern Ontario. Price $395.00.
Painted Waterloo County slant top desk found in Guelph. Fitted interior and cabriole legs add much to its appeal. For an almost identical desk see Pain's book page 452, plate 1170. Price SOLD
Ladder back rocker with original or old splint seat in old paint. The pegged joints and short rockers put this classic piece circa 1820. Price. $395.00.
A breakfast or parlour table from the eastern counties. Made of solid mahogany including the figured drawer front. Circa 1840. Price $895.00.
Wonderful lines on this server/washstand from eastern Ontario. Sold in refinished condition.
An elm 2 piece flatwall cupboard having two glass doors and two drawers over two panelled doors separated by a pie shelf and with a wonderful cut out crown moulding. Price $1250.00.
A well constructed solid walnut 4 drawer chest of drawers circa 1860. Price $425.00.
A pair of Hitchcock style pillow-back chairs in good condition with original stencils on the back supports worn but intact. Rush seats need repair. Price for pair SOLD.
This French chair has been called a Salamander or referred to as an armchair a la capucine and dates from the early to mid-19th century. Judging by page 28 of "The Book of Canadian Antiques" by Donald Blake Webster this chair's construction was probably used as a prototype for Quebec chair makers as the arm brace upright extends through the seat and into the upper stretcher. A classic French chair that sits 1" lower than when it was made due to wear. Price SOLD.
This untouched and as found chest of drawers has its original finish and was locked in the basement of a Toronto beach home for 40 years before it was unearthed and brought to the light of day. Brothers had to share the drawers as their names, Ronnie and Buddie, are embossed on two of the drawers. Circa 1875. Price SOLD.
A rod back Windsor rocker in very good condition. The original painted decoration is not stenciled but painted by hand. Circa 1870. Price $350.00
A secret shelf and double panelled drawer bottom to hide important papers ads mystery to this wonderful piece. Sold.
A solid oak butler's desk with secondary pine suggests an earlier date and the hand-cut dovetails, hand planed wood and rosette nails confirms an early nineteenth century origin. The top drawer pulls out and the front falls down to reveal drawers and pigeonholes galore. Price Sold
mahogany washstand in excellent condition with a single drawer. Circa 1880. Price $495.00.
Slant top desk. See below.
Pine slant top desk on stand (two pieces)with dovetailed corners and fitted interior that includes two dovetailed drawers. Price SOLD
Please picture this sofa with your fabric on it. See below.
For 140 years old, this victorian sofa with serpentine front rail is in tremendous condition. Walnut and burl walnut over pine it has the original finish that is untouched and darkened with age. Very strong and sturdy, this sofa will last another 140 years. Price SOLD.
A wonderful pedestal table in impeccable condition. The very imaginative faux finish over the empire style is delightful. Price SOLD.
This Waterloo County shrank or wardrobe came out of the Blue Moon Hotel in Petersburg, ON. Although restorations have been made to the doors, the top board and cornice are original as are the one board sides showing evidence of original red paint. The back and front are original and there is a very attractive cut out base extending around the front to the sides. Pine, circa 1850. Price: Inquire
A pine 2 over 2 drawer chest with porcelain pulls. Circa 1860. Price $295.00
This 1860 chest of two over three graduated drawers is solid walnut with secondary pine. The original finish has darkened with age. The construction is solid with hand cut dovetails and very obvious hand planed marks on the inside of the case and bottom of the drawers. The simplicity of the design is what makes this piece a classic. Found in Ontario's eastern counties. Price: inquire.
A burl walnut and walnut empire chest of drawers that is not only well made but well designed too. The scrolling supports and feet are gracefull and well proportioned relative to the substantial case. The backboard is a Canadian standard. Circa 1860. Found in Petersburg, Waterloo County. Price: $795.00.
Made of butternut with secondary pine, this two over three drawer chest has a wonderful shape to the backboard and has become a Canadian country classic. Found in Warkworth, Ontario. Circa 1860. Price $825.
This pine chest of drawers may be American with its brown stain under a finish that has darkened with age. It is very well made and in very good condition. As found. Circa 1880. Price $675.00
A petit space-saving corner cupboard that is untouched and as-found. The original finish has cracked and darkened with age but reveal walnut and secondary pine. The original glass is bubbled. There is a pie shelf and single cupboard door. Price SOLD
A highly desirable side chair in original paint with exquisite decorative design. Circa 1860. Price $175.00.
Blanket box see below

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