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THE THREE PIECES on the home page and many of the pieces on this website have not been published.  That is, they have never been pictured or described in any book, magazine or other publication even though they are every bit as good as the published pieces. 

Many of the visitors here will have similar quality pieces that have never been published.  It is our wish, therefore, to collect information on the best Canadiana antique furniture that has not been in a publication.

The hope is that three or four years down the road we will have received pictures, descriptions and provenance on enough furniture to supply a publisher and author with the content to put out a new book full of antique Canadian furniture that have not been seen by the public.

This in itself is reason enough for the collector to purchase the book.  For me it would also be to compare the unknown piece with the known piece to find similarities like the D-end table on the home page being so close in construction and style as two tables in Shackleton’s book that one could say the three tables are probably from the same shop.

Conditions for submissions would be as follows:

1. ) Anonymity for those who request it will be respected.
2. ) The piece must be Canadian furniture.
3. ) The piece should predate 1880 unless it is from Western Canada where old methods and painted decoration were used well after 1880.
4.) The piece must not be a known piece i.e. pictured or described in a publication.

There will be hundreds of wonderful pieces out there that the rest of us do not know exist.   For posterity reasons alone the furniture should be made available for publication lest something dreadful befall the piece and it is lost forever.

Your submission should include the following:  Name….Address …..Phone#.....Email Address..... History of piece as you and your older relatives know it….Description of piece and/or include one or more pictures….  

Do not send documentation confirming provenance.  Mention it in your history but keep it in your possession until it is needed.  

All names and addresses will be considered private information.  Should this website want to feature a piece, the owner will be approached for permission.

Send your submissions to:
Canadiana Antique Furniture
83 Laguna Road
Cubicle 2, Box 9
Trent Hills, ON Canada, K0L 1L0